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This document was created for facilitators and participants in order to support safe and respectful conduct in plant medicine and psychedelic medicine spaces. This information aims to prevent incidents that may lead to the creation of new cases of sexual abuse and trauma or the re-traumatization of sexual abuse survivors.

This initiative is in response to our own experiences of sexual boundaries being crossed in these spaces, or individuals not being adequately supported and experiencing further trauma.

We acknowledge that this document is only a brief introduction to a very complex and sensitive subject. It is written largely from a place of personal experience however the contributors have all spent significant time researching and/or studying academic literature on this topic and have combined practical knowledge from working in the fields of therapeutic plant medicines, psychedelic medicine, mental health and trauma therapy. 

We are open to feedback, discussion and collaboration on these projects as a co-created effort to support each other. 

In order to encourage readership we have tried to condense the content into key points that we hope are accessible to a wide audience.

We strongly encourage anyone participating in these medicine practices to continue educating yourselves about these issues and stay open to learning from the diverse experiences of others.

With deep respect and gratitude for all those past, present and future working in service to medicine and for the plants, spirits, traditions and cultures that facilitate our on going capacity to learn, heal and grow together.  

Thank you.

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Sexual Trauma: Programs


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